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Midnight Water Taxi
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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Some Notes On C2E2...

First, the swag

C2E2 Goodies:
*Headsmasher canvas shopping bag
*(2) C2E2 Saturday passes
*(2) C2E2 window decals
*(2) copies of "Upping The Body Count" by Gregory Lamberson
*(1) pair MIB-3 official sunglasses with case
*(1) battery-powered light-up original Star Trek Enterprise tee shirt
*(1) C2E2 Iron Man limited edition tee shirt
*(1) limited-run C2E2 comic book / graphic novel
*Last,but not least, a real leather steam-punk Green Lantern hat with matching goggles.

We had tons of fun! I have parking a block away in a place almost no one knows, so no competition for spots, and no long hike to get in. That's HUGE.

The space in McCormick Place West is gigantic, probably five football fields or more. Half of it was covered with merchandise vendors, the other half with artists and authors.

People were everywhere in full-on costume. We saw a Nick Fury, and Indiana Jones. There was a little kid in a Nova costume. We saw a full-size Mach 5.

My favorite part was being in a place where there were a few thousand people as geeky as I am, or even more so. Everyone was really nice and having fun. I didn't catch a mean vibe anywhere.

Besides, where else could you see a Sith Lord taking an ice cream break with a bunch of Jedi, or R2D2 discussing ghosts with a Ghost Buster?


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